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Easy safety tips for electronics

It’s hard to live without electronics. Enjoy them in safety with these simple tips. Electronic fires and other dangers can cause serious damage to your rental. In many cases, these accidents are preventable with the knowledge and application of a few safety tips. Appropriate Outlets– All outlets must be properly grounded, accompanied by the correct […]

Memorial Day Safety

With Memorial Day fast approaching, you are likely scrambling to make sure that your home is ready for guests and festivities. The guest list is complete and the pantry is stocked but there is still one thing to keep in mind before you’re ready to party: safety. Creating a safe environment for your party will […]

A reasonable requirement

Renters are being asked to be adopt practices of increased responsibility for their possessions. Currently, signing a lease doesn’t always require renter’s insurance, but this is slowly turned into a compulsory requirement. A survey of large apartment owners by the National Multi Housing Council revealed that 84 percent that required residents in at least some […]