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Fires at home – why renters insurance is a must

Fires at home – why renters insurance is a must

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, every year there are more than 90,000 apartment fires in the U.S., causing over 1 billion in property damage.

Sadly, these fires also cause death, injury, damage to adjoining units, displacement of residents, death and injury to pets, and many other calamities.

One of the most common places for an apartment fire to start is in the kitchen. Forgotten “food on the stove” calls are one of the most common starters for fires reported to local fire departments.

lit stove

Such fires are usually accidental and can be deadly. A recent kitchen fire in San Francisco caused the death of an apartment resident and injuries to two other men who inhaled smoke from the blaze.

One lesson from this tragic tale is to never leave unattended food on the stove. But perhaps the more important lesson is to protect yourself and your possessions with renters insurance.

Damages in the San Francisco fire amounted to about $600,000 in damage — $500,000 to the structure of the building and $100,000 to its contents.

Structure damage will typically be covered by the property owner’s insurance policy on the structure. But the damage to the contents? Unless the renters had renters’ insurance, they will be responsible for replacing their items on their own.

So before you head into the kitchen for your next culinary experiment, be sure to make sure your renters insurance is up to date – and make sure you turn off the stove when you are done!