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Fireworks alternatives for July 4th

Fireworks alternatives for July 4th

Keep the party going without a glitch with these simple 4th of July alternatives.

With Independence Day approaching, many renters are planning parties for family, friends, and neighbors. At the best times, fireworks are a go-to source of entertainment. When the weather isn’t cooperating, party planners must get creative and think outside of the box.


Check your city’s fire code regulations for the month. In some cities, particularly those in the southeast, droughts and dry conditions will prohibit residents from the use of fireworks, sparklers, and other flame-dependent recreational devices. It’s important to operate within your city’s legal parameters before planning your party activities.

To be safe, have a backup plan in mind. If residents are not permitted to use fireworks, check your city’s events calendars to see what public fireworks displays are available. Odd as it seems, the city will sometimes limit private use of fireworks while permitting public spectacles by larger organizations.

In the absence of public fireworks shows, some cities opt for laser shows. These can be even more fun since the shows are set to soundtracks that span musical genres and decades. Enjoy laser shows much the same way as fireworks displays: gather family and friends, brings your picnic gear, and select the best spot in the field for viewing. Events generally start shortly after sunset.

In the occasion that fireworks are tightly restricted, keep youngsters in the group happy with alternative games and activities that light up the night. Cool off while enjoying a nighttime splash with glow-in-the-dark decals for your waterslide. Begin a friendly battle with nightglow water balloons. You can also find most sporting equipment with glow-in-the-dark properties, great for nighttime volleyball or air hockey.

When enjoying nightglow fun, remember to keep the gaming area clear of any potential hazards. Tiny sprinkler heads in the grass, for example, can hurt little feet in the dark. Use glow-in-the-dark tape to illuminate walkways, particularly those leading to high traffic areas like the bathroom and kitchen entryways. You may also want to use the tape to highlight water hoses that must be exposed in the yard.