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In Case of Emergency – Is your contact info on file?

In Case of Emergency – Is your contact info on file?

With Hurricane Sandy winding up to the hit the East Coast soon, it’s a good time to remind all of us about emergency preparedness. We designate the person to contact In Case of Emergency – ICE – at the doctor’s office, in our employee records, and at our children’s schools.  But does your apartment complex know who to call if something should happen to you at home?

warning sign of bad weather ahead

Check with your property manager to make sure they have the most up to date information for you on file. Be sure to provide them with your personal cell and work phone numbers, as well as with contact information for a third-party source who should be notified if you should be injured or incapacitated at your apartment.

Another good thing to do is to save an ICE number in your cell phone, as well as on a card in your wallet. It may not get a rescuer far if the phone is password protected, but listing at ICE in your contacts is always a good idea.

While you are making plans for a potential emergency, don’t forget to make sure you have current renters insurance. If something happens to your apartment while you are not home, like a fire or a theft, you’ll want to have a policy that will allow you to replace your possessions.