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Renters insurance doesn’t take summer vacations

Renters insurance doesn’t take summer vacations

Renters insurance doesn’t take summer vacations

Whether you’re a college student leaving your apartment for a summer abroad or simply taking a two-week vacation, your home needs adequate protection and renters insurance can provide it.

Burglaries – regardless of the period of time you’ll be away from home this summer, a couple of days or the entire summer, your property might be at risk. This is when most burglars are ready to make their move, knowing that many people are on vacation, leaving their homes unprotected.

Storms – summer marks not just the beginning of vacation season, but also the beginning of hurricane season. Adding the global warming and the unpredictable weather conditions triggered by it, even though your apartment might not be in direct line of fire, it might still be damaged by large amounts of rain, thunderstorms or trees falling. Renters insurance comes to save the day and your savings should an unfortunate event take place while you’re somewhere nice, enjoying minty drinks.

Vacation awaits

Imagine coming home from your vacation to a flooded basement and without a renters insurance policy to rely on. All your belongings stored there are lost. Imagine the same scenario, but with you protected by the renters insurance umbrella—all you have to do is fill a claim and let the agency take care of the rest.

Coverage while on vacation is also part of the renters insurance agreement. The items you take with you on vacation, such as photo camera or laptop, will be protected by the renters insurance policy if in case they’re stolen while at the beach or from the hotel room.

Summer is fun when all you need to do is worry about how to stay hydrated and spend as much time outside. Worrying about what might happen to your property while you’re away is not part of this plan. Find the right agency for you and find out how affordable renters insurance is.