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Swinging into spring

Swinging into spring

I know that in some parts of the country winter is still floating in the air, making it hard to believe that spring is just around the corner. But spring is about to sprung, just as it did every year until now. Where does your mind fly when you think ‘spring’?


My focus lands on the terrace; I am determined to get outside as quickly as the weather will welcome me. This means a touch-up of the whole space – furniture and plants alike. Clean, reorganize, revitalize.

For a little while now I’ve been fantasizing about the right sized hanging bed or swing, to add one to the side of the front porch. Perfect for relaxing with a good book or even as an outdoor movie seating area.

The existing set of chairs, bench, and table will benefit from a fresh lacquer finish, as the weather’s caprices left minor marks here and there. We’ve been discussing bringing in a tool cabinet that might just make everything more organized, while the new hanging bed/sofa will add more room dedicated to relaxation.

The plants living outdoor are in need of seasonal preparations. So sharpen your tools and start cleaning your garden – get rid of weeds, rocks, and any debris that made its way in during the winter.

Next, till your soil. Depending on the size of your garden, you can do it by hand or you can find help at the home improvement store. Then mix compost materials with soil and let the mixture settle for about three weeks before you dump in onto your garden.

For your indoor plants this is the beginning of the season when you can take them out to play. A ladder rack doesn’t take up on too much space, it looks good to have all your indoor plants grouped, and it’s really practical.


Not everyone’s favorite spring activity, but it sure is rewarding once it’s over. To make the redecorating process a whole lot easier, a thorough clean-up is necessary. Start de-cluttering your apartment, remove all unused/unneeded stuff that might stand in your way, and surprise your family and friends with a refreshed living space.

Take rooms one by one and replace the heavy winter style with the fresh, airy style of spring. Switch the cold season throw pillows and blankets with lighter ones, reposition the lamps and replace the winter themed candles and Christmas décor pieces with flowers and sunshine.

Treat your bedroom royally and invest in high-quality bed linen. Keep the décor in a minimalist scheme, it will give your bedroom a chic, elegant air; if you wish to add some dramatic effects, play with the bedside lights, lights are always a welcome addition to any space.

Walls, even though seem like the most daunting part to deal with while living in a rental, can be a fun part to decorate. If your landlord doesn’t allow you to repaint them or partitions of them, you can experiment with wall art or wall decals instead. An even simpler option is experiment with photo frames: it’s inexpensive, mobile, and good for the heart.

Shield against misfortunes. Spring is also a bright time to review and renew contracts, such as your renter’s insurance. Take all the little steps to make sure that you have everything you need to sit relaxed on your redecorated terrace/patio/balcony and enjoy the sunlight.