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Time to review your home protection plan

Time to review your home protection plan

When watching news of natural calamities hitting cities, homes and families, which unfortunately are rather frequent events these days, a lot of people think “Oh, I’m so sorry for them, it’s awful, but that couldn’t happen to me.”

Well that’s just not true; we’re all subjected to unexpected vicious happenings, either by the hands of nature of other fellow human beings. We may not be able to prevent them all, yet there are things we can do to minimize the damage. And for one, renters insurance can cover for a lot of mishaps, partial or total loss of personal property including furniture, accessories, clothing, electronic equipment, jewelry, even for that awesome 3D TV that you’ve spent your entire paycheck on.

Happy family in a house.

If you live in a rental home, you should keep in mind that your landlord’s insurance policy doesn’t cover for the loss of your personal possessions. It covers for the building itself, for annexes and other outbuildings, and protects the landlord in the event of a lawsuit filed against him in case of accidents happening on the property, but not for the tenant’s personal effects.

Even if you’re not a homeowner, you probably have a lot of time and money invested in your apartment or condominium. Most renters choose to enhance the looks of their rental properties, and for good reason as we all need a comfy place to call home. Some acquire expensive tech like big screen TVs and play stations to keep them entertained at home, others get exclusive paintings to liven up the walls or signature furniture that makes a statement. Even if you get your furnishing from Ikea, it still adds up and if disaster strikes, everything will have to be replaced out of the household budget. That’s just upsetting. By getting the proper renters insurance coverage and knowing that you’re somehow protected, you’ll be able to reduce some of that stress and financial burden.

The ResidentShield Renters Insurance Plan protects you and your belongings against a variety of unfortunate events that might affect your wellbeing, natural disasters like windstorm, lightning, fire, or earthquake (earthquake coverage is optional and available only in California) as well as other catastrophes that might hit your household like forced entry theft, vandalism or smoke. And the costs attached to it come as low as 43/cents per day. Not bad at all!